Rudolph The Reindeer

We all know the story of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, all of the other reindeer used to make fun of him and call him names and one day Santa met him and asked him to pull his sleigh on Christmas night because his bright shiny red nose was perfect to light the way on a dark night. Rudolph was so popular that they wrote a song about him. But did you know that Rudolph had a twin called Randolph whom Santa also chose to fly his sleigh on Christmas night?

Randolph Rudolph's Twin

Randolph was very much like his twin Rudolph, the only way that you could tell them both apart was of course the fact that Rudolph had a bright red nose and Randolph had the normal black nose that all of the other reindeer have. Although Rudolph’s nose set him apart from the other reindeer and the other reindeer bullied him, Randolph was always on hand to help his twin brother out when he got into difficulties. Randolph had a special talent that set him apart from the others, Randolph was a natural flying reindeer, when he was in the air he was the most wonderful sight that you had ever seen, he had grace, he had such skill and he could fly at supersonic speed and he was also a fantastic stunt flyer, he could loop the loop then go into a figure of eight and do somersaults and a whole lot more, but when Rudolph was being bullied by the other reindeer, Randolph came into a class of his own. His bombing skills were second to none. Randolph could hit any target with a snowball from over one thousand feet up in the air, as the other reindeer soon found out as one by one they got pelted smack in between the eyes.

The day Santa met Rudolph

On the day Santa met Rudolph, he was actually on his way to meet Randolph the amazing flying reindeer, and he arrived at the scene just as Rudolph was being harassed by the other reindeer, and Santa was stunned by this reindeer's beautiful red glowing nose, of course he was also angered by the behavior of the other reindeer and was about to give them a piece of his mind when he saw the balls of snow falling from the sky, he looked up to see the wonderful flying skills of Randolph and at that moment he knew he had to have both of these reindeer to fly his sleigh on Christmas night. After the other reindeer had fled the scene Santa spoke to Rudolph telling him that because of that nose he would like Rudolph to lead his sleigh on Christmas and that he would also love to have Randolph on the team too. "Please come and seem me tomorrow at the North Pole and bring your brother Randolph?" Santa asked.

The North Pole

The next day at the North Pole Santa, Rudolph and Randolph talked and eventually came to an agreement, in exchange for flying on Christmas Rudolph and Randolph would be given a home, three meals a day and snacks if they were still hungry of course they were free to leave at any time so long as they gave Santa one weeks’ notice. The “T”'s were crossed and the “I”'s were dotted and the contracts were signed.

How Randolph Got His Brown Nose

Christmas eve came and Rudolph was proud to be leading Santa's sleigh, he was also very proud of his twin brother Randolph, who was just behind him on the reins, as they took to the skies to deliver presents to all of the good little children all over the world. Millions of stops on the way as they flew from house to house delivering presents, Randolph was fantastic in the air but there was a slight problem with his landing skills, where all of the other reindeer took one step on landing Randolph was a little clumsy on his feet and had to take two steps on landing. Unfortunately Rudolph was exactly two steps ahead of Randolph on the reins and every time Randolph landed he hit Rudolph directly in the rear end, after millions of landings all through the night Randolph’s nose got browner and browner (ahem). The wind changed as they flew and Randolph’s nose was transformed forever from black to brown from that night on. For those of you who know the song you won't find mention of this because it was thought to be too crude for children and Christmas.