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Cpt.spike: Never mind i got a copy from my dad
Joker808: ooh colors
Joker808: fun
Joker808: Goo idea Spike.. ya never know. Offering to mow a lawn or two in exchange is always fair, too.
Cpt.spike: Hey If anyone gets a copy of Battle Field 1 and will never play it of just has a extra can you keep me in mind?
Psyberian: For those not into 'the facebooks' I put a question there if people want to see Doctor Strange the Thursday before the LAN.
Joker808: PVZ GW2
sirjakeyjake: What's everyone playing tonight?
Psyberian: Should we start thinking about shirts for November?
Joker808: yes, am cricket.
Eadmanday: wait your a cricket Joker?
Joker808: yes?
Eadmanday: crickets!!! Hey all !
Joker808: thank you :D
Geekgurl: Seat transfers are starting now!
Ghostwalker: Can't freakin' wait! ^_^
Geekgurl: 37 seats Paid in full Folks!!!!
Geekgurl: IMPORTANT EMAIL SENT RE: LANREG. Please check your email!! Notify me if you do not get the email!!!
Geekgurl: FRIDAY!!! This means TOMORROW!!!! Cut off is fast approaching!!!!
Psyberian: well vectorlan is a go
Geekgurl: NOVEMBER 4-6, $67 Email being sent out. Payments and info GO GO GO!!!!
Joker808: woot for loot
Cpt.spike: Hey Can someone msg me a code for pvz gw 2?
zubzero2: Account is back up..
Joker808: Yes.. shirts for sure if we want something a bit diff this year. Also booking rooms.
Psyberian: Just a heads up. We need to start thinking about the November PDXLAN
Joker808: BL 1 anyone?
Flutters: ...all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
Gov: Ho ho, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful!
Flutters: they are coming to take me away haha!
Gov: Rhyming may be fun, but it might just bring out the men in the white jackets, with the butterfly (or Flutterby) nets
Flutters: Rhyming is fun!
Eadmanday: C and whats with the all the words that sound the same!!!
Flutters: If Terries get Froggy, do you A) Hypothetical them in the clavicle, B) Fireboard those Motherjammers or C) Draxx them Sklounst
Flutters: Jan LAN in the Plan Man, I wont get a Tan in the Van while I eat my Flan

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- reaper
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Put me down for two please.
Today 20:36
FAF - Looking for Programming Career (Gaming?) Hi folks. I have a friend whose husband was laid off right before the holidays. He's a programmer, and would optimally like to get into the gaming industry. In any case, he hopes to continue living in Western Oregon. He has a BS in Computer Science and his...
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 I got 3 people confirmed. My self, Elogost and ScottyD0ES
- Gov
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Kaylynne - since no leet seats (sad panda) I'm in for two please. If someone wants to snipe some extra room, tell Kaylynne and hopefully she'll sit you next to me. Also, if those two seats were aisle seats, that would be perfection. Just getting my...
- Adonia
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Brian and I would prefer to share 3 seats, but we could go down to 2 if necessary. We're still discussing bringing Dustin too, so we'll let you know VERY soon.
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Looks like no moving opening that week this year. Maybe we can do something else, or just skip the extra night ahead of it.
- Drykk
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 I have a laptop so you could sit next to me I don't use much power or take up much space.
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Confirmed for Niki and I: 4 seats for us please. If we go over the 36 regular as a group, I'm willing to down to 3, but can't make 2 work with monitor size and power.
Today 23:51
Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Thank you for doing this!! You rock!!
Today 23:51
PDXLAN 30 July 2017 Hey all. I started this out with a text to those who have attended the last LAN and I have a starting list of folks who have confirmed they want a seat. 1 Geekgurl 2 Incident1018 3 Ghostwalker 4 Sulseeker 5 Joker808 6 Psyberian 7 ...
15 Jan 2017 11:13
Re: Jan 2017 WVG Oh hey, time to start this up aga I think another year, to year and a half. Hard to say. Things are so unpredictable anymore.