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Cpt.spike: Never mind i got a copy from my dad
Joker808: ooh colors
Joker808: fun
Joker808: Goo idea Spike.. ya never know. Offering to mow a lawn or two in exchange is always fair, too.
Cpt.spike: Hey If anyone gets a copy of Battle Field 1 and will never play it of just has a extra can you keep me in mind?
Psyberian: For those not into 'the facebooks' I put a question there if people want to see Doctor Strange the Thursday before the LAN.
Joker808: PVZ GW2
sirjakeyjake: What's everyone playing tonight?
Psyberian: Should we start thinking about shirts for November?
Joker808: yes, am cricket.
Eadmanday: wait your a cricket Joker?
Joker808: yes?
Eadmanday: crickets!!! Hey all !
Joker808: thank you :D
Geekgurl: Seat transfers are starting now!
Ghostwalker: Can't freakin' wait! ^_^
Geekgurl: 37 seats Paid in full Folks!!!!
Geekgurl: IMPORTANT EMAIL SENT RE: LANREG. Please check your email!! Notify me if you do not get the email!!!
Geekgurl: FRIDAY!!! This means TOMORROW!!!! Cut off is fast approaching!!!!
Psyberian: well vectorlan is a go
Geekgurl: NOVEMBER 4-6, $67 Email being sent out. Payments and info GO GO GO!!!!
Joker808: woot for loot
Cpt.spike: Hey Can someone msg me a code for pvz gw 2?
zubzero2: Account is back up..
Joker808: Yes.. shirts for sure if we want something a bit diff this year. Also booking rooms.
Psyberian: Just a heads up. We need to start thinking about the November PDXLAN
Joker808: BL 1 anyone?
Flutters: ...all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
Gov: Ho ho, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful!
Flutters: they are coming to take me away haha!
Gov: Rhyming may be fun, but it might just bring out the men in the white jackets, with the butterfly (or Flutterby) nets
Flutters: Rhyming is fun!
Eadmanday: C and whats with the all the words that sound the same!!!
Flutters: If Terries get Froggy, do you A) Hypothetical them in the clavicle, B) Fireboard those Motherjammers or C) Draxx them Sklounst
Flutters: Jan LAN in the Plan Man, I wont get a Tan in the Van while I eat my Flan

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23 Nov 2016 07:29
Re: PDXLAN Nov Post-opinions thread I appreciate the topic and I gotta say that I'm on the fence. The weather, though a bit dreary was much nicer than sweating it out. I liked bringing my own seat and I liked the lack of distracting presentations. I did also feel that the compressed schedule...
23 Nov 2016 07:29
PDXLAN Nov Post-opinions thread To all our PDXLAN November attendees and any who couldn't make it, chat up your opinions! Let the conversation flow and help decide if we want to do the cool, chill November PDXLAN again next year or sweat it out at another Summer PDXLAN. Maybe we want a...
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread My first name is Derek, by the way, and I'm super excited for this whole thing.
- reaper
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread Oh there will be shenanigans lol
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread I have called in names to the hotel. I added one person from each room. I did not have everyone's name. If your first name is not listed here I didn't have your name. you will need to find someone from your room group (King or double rooms) or myself to...
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread Got the email and pm.. Hopefully reaper can tolerate me :D Thanks all. on the home stretch.
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread Joker, Sent an email to you
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread I put up on the facebook page that you were looking for cot space.
04 Nov 2016 04:56
Re: PDXLAN NOV Room Thread Things got expectantly rocky in the last ~month. I'd be gracious to grab a spot on a roll away if anyone has the space. I can embark on the 100 meter mosey (Gary Larson) to Hillsboro, but a couple hundred bucks is making a difference right now. Please...
19 Oct 2016 22:26
Re: Oct LAN 2016 - Scare up some friends and join We will see you when you can make it SaintKW.. WOOOT WOOOT for free stuff and fun games!
19 Oct 2016 22:26
Re: Oct LAN 2016 - Scare up some friends and join So....my wife has to work and my kid has soccer so, won't be able to make this one either :( That puts me at a 0% LAN success rate for 2016 :angry: I sincerely hope to catch you guys in early 2017, this no-LAN nonsense has gone on long enough!
19 Oct 2016 22:26
Oct LAN 2016 - Scare up some friends and join in! This is it, folks! WVG's last LAN of the year! Break out your costumes and computers as we've got raffles, treats and fun to be had! If you are not joining WVG in our yearly PDXLAN trip for November, you'll see us all once again in January 2017. Or online,...