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14-7 4:19:02 Cpt_Kangaroo I am ready!
13-7 22:07:52 Joker808 we're in the home stretch!
13-7 19:45:49 smileslikeaskull A chorus of Happy B days to you Joker!
13-7 15:14:00 Psyberian late, but Happy B-day J
13-7 6:10:09 Joker808 Thanks all
13-7 6:09:11 Joker808 Thanks z
13-7 3:46:40 Eadmanday Happy Birthday Joker!
13-7 3:32:08 Cpt_Kangaroo Happy birthday Joker!!
12-7 22:47:31 KellyGreen Happy Birthday, Joker!
9-7 16:08:04 Psyberian A week out, four work days left for me. I'm checking out more and more every hour. By next Tuesday I'll probably just bring my computer into work and start gaming from there.
8-7 19:33:07 Geekgurl IF a ticket becomes available I need to know if there is anyone from our group who would be interested in buying it... 3 days left for changes... Let me know!
6-7 22:43:27 Psyberian Good for me, guess the internet is just turning against you
6-7 21:22:40 Ghostwalker Is the board changing? Frames and colors are off for me...
3-7 16:31:19 Psyberian Just 2 weeks away.
2-7 19:26:27 Geekgurl Last day for ticket transfer is July 10 for PDXLAN 26. IF you need to transfer your ticket let me know ASAP. Time is running out!
29-6 3:54:16 Joker808 Hiya Jake!
26-6 4:17:17 sirjakeyjake Hey, folks. Jumping on to say 'hi'. :)
25-6 17:35:58 Psyberian It's been a few years since I have gone but I was thinking about going to CES again. Anyone interested?
25-6 0:23:34 Psyberian we get 48" for leet seats right?
20-6 17:46:07 Geekgurl Biscuits are Baked, Gravy is heating... There will be much less down time on the B's and G's this time!!!!
12-6 17:34:39 Psyberian «link»
10-6 0:31:15 spiketail Massive sale @ GOG.com! Check it out
8-6 17:13:50 Psyberian ok, rooms are still available. Check room thread if you still need a room.
8-6 4:58:41 Ghostwalker All yours Reaper. Glad you'll be joining us! Now go find a room. :P
8-6 0:52:16 reaper Did you guys find a taker for that ticket?
2-6 3:26:03 Joker808 If you have an extra Battle of the Ardennes COH2 expansion, gimme please?
1-6 4:50:30 Eadmanday We Miss you!!!! Cant wait for PDX
31-5 17:06:33 Ghostwalker Shirt ordering is DONE. Also: I miss you freaks. :P
29-5 23:07:18 Ghostwalker If you're not going to PDXLAN26, but still want a WVG shirt, hit up the Handles and Shirt sizes thread and put an order in before Saturday night! :)
26-5 22:17:21 Psyberian DFN is looking for a couple Internet installers for fiber, DSL and wireless. Little experience needed. Be able to be professional around customer. Just don't be stupid. PM me if you want details.
18-5 23:16:37 Joker808 thanks, Scott
17-5 20:26:20 PotShotScott Alien Isolation $12.49 on humble bundle. At this price it's TOTALLY WORTH IT
13-5 19:06:54 spiketail Looks like the Humble Bundle store has some great discounts! Check it out!
7-5 3:05:52 Joker808 GTV tonight!
14-4 18:18:48 Psyberian New pretty nice humble bundle up. some extra games will be kicked down at the next LAN.
12-4 6:12:16 Joker808 Nice Matlock.. just one more.
10-4 19:24:48 Matlockk Thanks again Sirjakeyjake! It's official I'm going to Vector!
10-4 17:39:19 sirjakeyjake Thanks Matlockk! One more ticket...gonna post to PDXLAN for that one.
9-4 20:10:26 sirjakeyjake Posting here first - can't go to VectorLAN after all. Any interest in two side-by-side seats?
9-4 3:40:29 Cpt_Kangaroo Shhh it was Roo Spotting
7-4 23:16:41 smileslikeaskull I'm going to Lancamp!
7-4 23:16:15 smileslikeaskull I'm going to LanCamps
1-4 15:11:32 Psyberian anyone considering LANCAMP?
11-3 18:07:26 Psyberian Looks like all titanfall maps are free for their 1 year anniversary through origin.
24-2 17:54:55 Psyberian updated room thread OP to include our current homeless population.
24-2 5:04:16 Infektion Hey guys, made a post in the Upcoming Events tab
23-2 22:41:37 Psyberian scratch that, sold out.
23-2 21:40:30 Joker808 only 3 seats left for PDXLan.. wow. Day 1 of reg.
17-2 19:44:44 spiketail Official WVG Poll now live: PDXLAN 26 Shirts «link»
12-2 10:02:52 Geekgurl Fair warning, we may have a last minute joiner for PDXLAN so seating chart WILL be changing if it is confirmed. Just a heads up
1 2 3 4 5 6
Turn off/on Sound Smileys History FAQ Kide Chat
Joker808: got shirts?
Psyberian: For the guys not on facebook. Some of us are looking at the Nov LAN
Geekgurl: Time to Vote for shirts!!! GO GO GO!
Cpt.spike: Never mind i got a copy from my dad
Joker808: ooh colors
Joker808: fun
Joker808: Goo idea Spike.. ya never know. Offering to mow a lawn or two in exchange is always fair, too.
Cpt.spike: Hey If anyone gets a copy of Battle Field 1 and will never play it of just has a extra can you keep me in mind?
Psyberian: For those not into 'the facebooks' I put a question there if people want to see Doctor Strange the Thursday before the LAN.
Joker808: PVZ GW2
sirjakeyjake: What's everyone playing tonight?
Psyberian: Should we start thinking about shirts for November?
Joker808: yes, am cricket.
Eadmanday: wait your a cricket Joker?
Joker808: yes?
Eadmanday: crickets!!! Hey all !
Joker808: thank you :D
Geekgurl: Seat transfers are starting now!
Ghostwalker: Can't freakin' wait! ^_^
Geekgurl: 37 seats Paid in full Folks!!!!
Geekgurl: IMPORTANT EMAIL SENT RE: LANREG. Please check your email!! Notify me if you do not get the email!!!
Geekgurl: FRIDAY!!! This means TOMORROW!!!! Cut off is fast approaching!!!!
Psyberian: well vectorlan is a go
Geekgurl: NOVEMBER 4-6, $67 Email being sent out. Payments and info GO GO GO!!!!
Joker808: woot for loot
Cpt.spike: Hey Can someone msg me a code for pvz gw 2?
zubzero2: Account is back up..
Joker808: Yes.. shirts for sure if we want something a bit diff this year. Also booking rooms.
Psyberian: Just a heads up. We need to start thinking about the November PDXLAN
Joker808: BL 1 anyone?
Flutters: ...all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
Gov: Ho ho, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful!
Flutters: they are coming to take me away haha!
Gov: Rhyming may be fun, but it might just bring out the men in the white jackets, with the butterfly (or Flutterby) nets
Flutters: Rhyming is fun!

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Re: PDXLAN SHIRT ORDERS Sent! Thank you again GG.
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June 2017 - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Think I haven't been getting enough sleep as I completely forget to get a post up about our June LAN around the 2-week mark. So, hopefully get lots of sleep before the LAN and game on Saturday! When: June 17th 12PM to 12AM How much: $15 Where: Hilton...
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April LAN 2017 - Year 13 of WVG starts now. Seriously. Just looked up when the 10 year anniversary LAN was. April 2014. So, figure 20 people per event multiplied by 10 events per year and I have no idea where this equation goes. Anyways, LAN time is coming up soon! Hopefully we'll see you folks...
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Re: PDXNOV 2017 Room Thread I will need a shed to sleep in. Also maybe Paige will come but not sure yet. But as of now i need a room