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PDXLan in November
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TOPIC: PDXLan in November

PDXLan in November 2 years, 2 months ago #24944

  • Joker808
  • Administrator
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Things move very fast and tickets for the November food drive lan are going to be ready for groups on the 9th.
If you want to go as a group, please post up here. I think the minimum for a group is 6 persons.
I need to know if we have at least 6, by the 9th.

I am not attending.


Re: PDXLan in November 2 years, 2 months ago #24949

  • Eadmanday
  • Administrator
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I will be down.. the 9th of this month? either way i am down.

Re: PDXLan in November 2 years, 2 months ago #24953

  • Matlockk
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I'd be down if we have enough peeps interested.

Re: PDXLan in November 2 years, 2 months ago #24960

  • Sulseeker
  • Destroyer of Chairs
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With VectorLAN and PDXLAN 26, I'm tapped for events up north this year.

Re: PDXLan in November 2 years, 2 months ago #24967

  • Joker808
  • Administrator
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Thanks for the feedback on the thread. There is not enough interest in purchasing group tickets for that event. Please feel free to use this thread as a planning stage if you want to get your own tickets.

As most Lans that have to do with PDX, I'm sure it'll kick a ton of ass.
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Joker808: got shirts?
Psyberian: For the guys not on facebook. Some of us are looking at the Nov LAN
Geekgurl: Time to Vote for shirts!!! GO GO GO!
Cpt.spike: Never mind i got a copy from my dad
Joker808: ooh colors
Joker808: fun
Joker808: Goo idea Spike.. ya never know. Offering to mow a lawn or two in exchange is always fair, too.
Cpt.spike: Hey If anyone gets a copy of Battle Field 1 and will never play it of just has a extra can you keep me in mind?
Psyberian: For those not into 'the facebooks' I put a question there if people want to see Doctor Strange the Thursday before the LAN.
Joker808: PVZ GW2
sirjakeyjake: What's everyone playing tonight?
Psyberian: Should we start thinking about shirts for November?
Joker808: yes, am cricket.
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Joker808: thank you :D
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Geekgurl: 37 seats Paid in full Folks!!!!
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Geekgurl: FRIDAY!!! This means TOMORROW!!!! Cut off is fast approaching!!!!
Psyberian: well vectorlan is a go
Geekgurl: NOVEMBER 4-6, $67 Email being sent out. Payments and info GO GO GO!!!!
Joker808: woot for loot
Cpt.spike: Hey Can someone msg me a code for pvz gw 2?
zubzero2: Account is back up..
Joker808: Yes.. shirts for sure if we want something a bit diff this year. Also booking rooms.
Psyberian: Just a heads up. We need to start thinking about the November PDXLAN
Joker808: BL 1 anyone?
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