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Should we switch it up a bit?
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TOPIC: Should we switch it up a bit?

Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25475

  • Joker808
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We have been going to PDXLan for years now for the summer event and I love it. Warm breezes and cold hotels rooms. I don't love the heat that swelters during peak times and other than the first lan when the new A/C was put in, it does not seem to be able to cut it and keep it cool.

I have heard some voices and myself has asked... should we do the Feb lan instead? Or the November lan?

Well here are some thoughts about each of them from my viewpoint.
LAN gaming is dead. Feb lan is big and kinda like the July lan.. so prizes, right?
November lan is more about gaming, but now it's LOL, or DOTA. We need some variety in games.
Trying to get more than 6 people in any game is unlikely due to the games people are playing. That's fine and that's what's being played. So is a LAN about LAN game play anymore, no. So why do I go.

1. to be with friends
2. to have a break from being a parent ( love them kids, but this is neat)
3. reflection on that last year

I can have these things at any point during the year. On that note, I'd be down for any PDXLan.
Maybe things will change a bit for the registration system of PDXLan, maybe not. I think that at least I would like to try out lanning in the cooler months for a couple. It seems weird to not go to the summer lans, but the group I play with would be the same and that's primarily why I go.

What do you folks think?
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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25476

  • Gorian
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Sounds like you guys need to come to LANFest

I agree with your sentiments about actually playing LAN games. Nice thing about LANFest Northwest is... me! Come to LANFest Northwest in Hillsboro, and if you want to see a specific game, let me know. I run the servers and can actually make specific games or events happen. One event I setup a Brutal Doom server running FreeDoom, it was kind of interesting. Also, things like Artemis and other LAN games to encourage people to actually LAN with other participants. I'd love to see you guys come and give us feedback!

Also, LANFest is at Ronler Acres, and I've never had issues with Intel's A/C.

Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25479

I will have to think on that a bit. A PDX.5 might be a nice change up

Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25481

  • spiketail
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Whatever the group decides, I'll try to best fit it to my schedule. But a change wouldn't be a bad thing.

And not slow roasting would be nice!
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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25489

  • Eadmanday
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I have gone to both the Feb and Nov, They are a blast. I like the nov as its a charity lan, but it is also more expense during a very expensive time of year, that send it fits better in my schedule quite well.

Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25492

I have thoughts.

- One of the hindrances to July for me is, simply, the extra expense of it being a four-day event. Remove a day, and it's suddenly much more financially "acceptable" in this household. Four days is great, but...more LAN total is great.
Having said that, my wife's birthday is the week after, and our anniversary is the week after that, so it's always a bit of a...struggle. On the contrary, mine and Emily's birthdays are in November, so that could be a (good) thing for us.

- Charity LAN = awesome. WVG is one of the bigger groups, and we could really do some additional good with our numbers.

That's them, for now.

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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 10 months ago #25494

  • Gov
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I go to both the November and February PDXLANs. To be honest, I like the November LAN more than the other two, as there isn't the contests, tournaments and stuff. I get to game with folks, meet up, and have a good time without all of the pressures that the numbered events have.

Note: the most prizing, IF I remember correctly, was at the last November LAN. Don't know if that will hold again, but....

No leet seats in the November LAN. and it's gone from 300 to 450 seats. Maybe I'm just burning out on large LANs, but I'm not sure about this November other than more folks, more donations.
will go with the group, as GNW folks aren't going to PDXLAN - some sort of bad blood between Matt and Ryan.

I don't know quite what I'm saying here. I like the little LANs at the Hilton. I just have to get a little more involved in the games. It's what I think of as a LAN. No pounding on sponsors, sponsors, sponsors, prizes, prizes, prizes, tournaments, contests, and whatever entertainment Matt can think up to torture the crowd.... Meh. Maybe this is just a bad night.

See everyone tomorrow!!!
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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 9 months ago #25547

  • Geekgurl
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So, About this!

At this point in time it is looking like we may make a big push for November. I have been privately contacting as many people as I can. NOT everyone has responded as of yet, but the majority of responses I have received are for November, Both or Either/Don't Care

I have had NO ONE say I am dead set on Summer. So that is 17 responses in favor of November as far as I can tell.

Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 9 months ago #25548

  • Psyberian
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One thing I just realized. A november PDXLAN could mean no WVGLAN in November or December. So we go this way we need to plan for a big new year WVGLAN.
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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 9 months ago #25549

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
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Joker : November
Saint : November
Brian : November
Melissa : November
Num : November
Psy : November
TTM : November
Soybean : EITHER (Preferably November though)
Incident : EITHER (what works for Geekgurl)
Ghostwalker : EITHER (what ^she Said)
Kamiyama : EITHER (what Ghostwalker decides)
Drykk : EITHER
Spiketail : EITHER
Batmantha : EITHER (what works for Geekgurl)
Flutters : EITHER
Reaper : EITHER
ZubZero : EITHER
Smiles : July
Infektion : BOTH
Gov : Both
SHOCKER OF THE DAY!!!! Vector : BOTH!!!!!! (I bet this guy is the kinda person who attends ALL the events......... LIKE A BOSS!!!!!)
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Re: Should we switch it up a bit? 1 year, 8 months ago #25552

  • Flutters
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I am down for either as stated above. Having come back just this month, I have the hunger for more LAN's!

Gotta maintain my addiction, I need my fix man!
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