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PDXLAN 30 July 2017
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TOPIC: PDXLAN 30 July 2017

PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25900

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
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Hey all. I started this out with a text to those who have attended the last LAN and I have a starting list of folks who have confirmed they want a seat.

1 Geekgurl PAID
2 Incident1018 PAID
3 Ghostwalker (2 Seats) inPAID
4 Sulseeker PAID
5 Joker808 PAID
6 Psyberian PAID
7 guyonacouch PAID
8 zubzero2 PAID
9 Govtman (2 Seats) PAID
10 Spiketail PAID
11 Eadmanday PAID
12 TripleThreatMuffin PAID
13 Kamiyama PAID
14 MountainSide PAID
15 Additional Kamiyama Small Human PAID
16 Mrs. Kamiyama PAID
17 Drykk PAID
18 Cyborgsuzy PAID
19 Toson PAID
20 Adonia PAID
21 Akosto PAID
22 Smileslikeaskull PAID
23 Reaper317 PAID *PENDING*
24 SmoothAwperator PAID*PENDING*
25 Mikfoz PAID
26 Beefcake PAID
27 Nawal PAID
28 Elsium147
29 Ironydragon PAID
30 Elogost PAID
31 2Legit PAID
32 Dreamviper PAID
33 knightwolf313 PAID

Head count : 33 Seat Count 35

I am still waiting for a few more confirmations to trickle in but as of this point it does look like Leet seats are NOT an option. Our group is Caped out at 24 Leet seats for purchase. So in order to keep our group as a whole it looks like we will be pushing over to Standard seats.

For standard Seats we are Caped at 36 Regular seats. At this point I have an idea as to Whom would prefer 2 seats, but I can not promise EVERYONE who wants 2 seats that as an option.

One thing many can consider could be to team up with someone and split the cost on a seat. Then each of you are paying for 1 1/2 seats, but you need to know only ONE of you will get the benefits of Having that seat number under their name and Raffle tickets will be up to you two to figure out how to deal with all that! IF this 1/2 seat option is something you are considering I need to be told WHO you are pairing with so I can seat people accordingly. This will create even more work for me so please NO BS on this!

As of now I just need ALL confirmations in ASAP so I have a list as to whom I am bugging! Money will start being collected soon, I will begin Shirt polls and Room threads shortly after that to make sure we are all on Key this year.

Remember I put a lot of my time and effort in to arranging this for WVG. Work with me, Help me out and lets make this super easy. Many thanks to you all and I look forward to a super fun PDXLAN 30!!!
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Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25902

  • zubzero2
  • Junior Boarder
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Thank you for doing this!! You rock!!

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25903

  • Ghostwalker
  • Platinum Boarder
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Confirmed for Niki and I:
4 seats for us please.
If we go over the 36 regular as a group, I'm willing to down to 3, but can't make 2 work with monitor size and power.
Sr. System Engineer and Wifi Nerd- Riot Games.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25904

  • Drykk
  • Platinum Boarder
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I have a laptop so you could sit next to me I don't use much power or take up much space.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25905

  • Psyberian
  • Platinum Boarder
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Looks like no moving opening that week this year. Maybe we can do something else, or just skip the extra night ahead of it.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25906

  • Adonia
  • Fresh Boarder
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Brian and I would prefer to share 3 seats, but we could go down to 2 if necessary. We're still discussing bringing Dustin too, so we'll let you know VERY soon.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25907

  • Gov
  • Gold Boarder
  • Posts: 307
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Kaylynne - since no leet seats (sad panda) I'm in for two please. If someone wants to snipe some extra room, tell Kaylynne and hopefully she'll sit you next to me.

Also, if those two seats were aisle seats, that would be perfection. Just getting my request in - if no aisle, then no problem.
Meddle not in the affaires of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with SALSA-Q! But then again, doesn't EVERYTHING?

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25908

I got 3 people confirmed.
My self, Elogost and ScottyD0ES

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 5 months ago #25910

  • reaper
  • Expert Boarder
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Put me down for two please.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 4 months, 4 weeks ago #25911

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
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OK folks!!

As of right now we have 3 seats remaining in our group buy. I need ALL those who are not on the list and want to go to post up NOW!

IF we go over the set amount we can not guarantee you a ticket with the group but will do our best to accommodate the overflow!

We ARE getting standard seats! I have noted in the OP who have spoken up for double seats as of now.

Space is very limited FOLKS!!!!

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 4 months, 4 weeks ago #25912

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
  • Posts: 179
  • Karma: 140

At this point our cap is filled. Group email is going out with payment expectations this week. Hope you are all good to go!!!
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Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 4 months, 3 weeks ago #25914

  • Psyberian
  • Platinum Boarder
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Wow, 34 people. This may be our biggest PDXLAN group. Just 6 more months.

Don't forget people. We will be doing shirts as well. So when the time comes that will be another $20 to $30 as well. So plan ahead for that in the next few months.

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 4 months, 2 weeks ago #25915

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
  • Posts: 179
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I am so pleased that I am starting to see money trickle in for seats!

REMINDER : Need money paid by February 14th via Paypal!

What does this mean? This means even if you have given me all your information and you fail to send me money. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR SEAT!

When you are sending money remember to send it with the option of "Send money to friends and family." Everyone should have a direct link to send me money for your email!

This week I will begin to send hounding messages as reminders VIA Email if I have not received all your info or money. I will be doing this because I HAVE to be super organized and ready when I get my go live link on the 12th! I have a limited time frame to pay and get all the info in the system! So PLEASE Don't drag your feet! At the very least keep me updated!

Thank you all very much!

Re: PDXLAN 30 July 2017 4 months, 1 week ago #25919

  • Geekgurl
  • WVG Mom
  • Posts: 179
  • Karma: 140
ONE SEAT AVAILABLE. Need confirmation and Payment by Friday 2/17/17
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