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Anyways, LAN time is coming up soon! Hopefully we'll see you folks there and have a fun time with the gaming.

When: April 22th 12PM to 12AM
How much: $15
Hilton Garden Inn
3528 Gateway St
Springfield, OR 97477
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Apologies for the lateness with the posting. 2-day analog games convention this previous weekend and a 4-day analog games convention the weekend before that. Think I'm still trying to recover from the massive dose of board games.]]>
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Subject: PDXNOV 2017 Room Thread - by: spiketail http://wvgamers.com/index.php/forum/4-upcoming-lans-or-events/25934-pdxnov-2017-room-thread#25934 http://wvgamers.com/index.php/forum/4-upcoming-lans-or-events/25934-pdxnov-2017-room-thread#25934 over here.

For myself:
Psyberian (Room Leader)
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