Hey Guys, our 2015 LAN Dates are up and live. Look for a few changes at the Start of the new year. Check out link, the FORUMS link in the header.

It's over. :(


But the huge news is that they raised $112,322.11 for childsplay charity. So we got to watch the MM crew battle long and hard once again with ups and downs in a small living room in Indiana. The impact that they make is global at this point, yet, the humility is humbling. Please consider being ready for next year (if it happens again) and donating a bit more. It's tax deductable since Child's Play is a recognized charity, and it's really for the kids.. Honestly, it is.


See you next year!MarioMarathon5logo

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WVG small full logo 130x113Started in April of 2004, we have grown from an ordinary turnout of about 6 people to more than 50 at one time. This has been accomplished by a loose atmosphere and without the elitist attitude that you find at alot of Clan focused LAN events.Our events these days are closer to 25 average. We try and sometimes excel at creating a friendly atmosphere where players of all games can have a good time. We always have great raffle prizes both paid and free and are growing very rapidly. Consider coming to our event and see why -=WVG=- is the areas best group of gamers.

- Joker808

Turn off/on Sound Smileys History FAQ Kide Chat
Psyberian: For the guys not on facebook. Some of us are looking at the Nov LAN
Geekgurl: Time to Vote for shirts!!! GO GO GO!
Cpt.spike: Never mind i got a copy from my dad
Joker808: ooh colors
Joker808: fun
Joker808: Goo idea Spike.. ya never know. Offering to mow a lawn or two in exchange is always fair, too.
Cpt.spike: Hey If anyone gets a copy of Battle Field 1 and will never play it of just has a extra can you keep me in mind?
Psyberian: For those not into 'the facebooks' I put a question there if people want to see Doctor Strange the Thursday before the LAN.
Joker808: PVZ GW2
sirjakeyjake: What's everyone playing tonight?
Psyberian: Should we start thinking about shirts for November?
Joker808: yes, am cricket.
Eadmanday: wait your a cricket Joker?
Joker808: yes?
Eadmanday: crickets!!! Hey all !
Joker808: thank you :D
Geekgurl: Seat transfers are starting now!
Ghostwalker: Can't freakin' wait! ^_^
Geekgurl: 37 seats Paid in full Folks!!!!
Geekgurl: IMPORTANT EMAIL SENT RE: LANREG. Please check your email!! Notify me if you do not get the email!!!
Geekgurl: FRIDAY!!! This means TOMORROW!!!! Cut off is fast approaching!!!!
Psyberian: well vectorlan is a go
Geekgurl: NOVEMBER 4-6, $67 Email being sent out. Payments and info GO GO GO!!!!
Joker808: woot for loot
Cpt.spike: Hey Can someone msg me a code for pvz gw 2?
zubzero2: Account is back up..
Joker808: Yes.. shirts for sure if we want something a bit diff this year. Also booking rooms.
Psyberian: Just a heads up. We need to start thinking about the November PDXLAN
Joker808: BL 1 anyone?
Flutters: ...all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
Gov: Ho ho, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful!
Flutters: they are coming to take me away haha!
Gov: Rhyming may be fun, but it might just bring out the men in the white jackets, with the butterfly (or Flutterby) nets
Flutters: Rhyming is fun!
Eadmanday: C and whats with the all the words that sound the same!!!

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26 Apr 2017 21:18
Re: PDXLAN SHIRT ORDERS payment sent, thank you.
12 Apr 2017 07:39
Re: April LAN 2017 - Year 13 of WVG starts now. rough calculation here. removing 3 a year, for PDXLAN, December and we didn't do monthly right away, I say we call this WVGLAN 117, and do we start counting them?
12 Apr 2017 07:39
April LAN 2017 - Year 13 of WVG starts now. Seriously. Just looked up when the 10 year anniversary LAN was. April 2014. So, figure 20 people per event multiplied by 10 events per year and I have no idea where this equation goes. Anyways, LAN time is coming up soon! Hopefully we'll see you folks...
26 Apr 2017 21:18
Re: PDXLAN SHIRT ORDERS 2xl and one of each ty
04 Apr 2017 19:21
Re: PDXNOV 2017 Room Thread I will need a shed to sleep in. Also maybe Paige will come but not sure yet. But as of now i need a room
04 Apr 2017 19:21
Re: PDXNOV 2017 Room Thread For our room the cost is $140/person total.
04 Apr 2017 19:21
PDXNOV 2017 Room Thread Central thread for folks setting up rooms and folks looking for space. If you are looking for PDXLAN 30 Room Thread, over here. For myself: Psyberian (Room Leader) Smiles Spiketail Reaper
26 Mar 2017 14:28
GTX 980, 16gb DDR3, SSD's, HDD, corsair RM850..... Hey guys, I'm putting up an ad here just case someone from wvg is on the market for some goods. These parts are close new anything I've ever sold. I bought the majority of these items back when The Witcher 3 was released and maybe put 40 or less hours on them...
08 Mar 2017 03:34
March LAN 2017 - LAN it up at the start of Spring! It's been 6 weeks since Groundhog day, right? Spring time! Let's clean out our PCs and ready up for some games and fun. You know we'll bring the fun. :D When: March 18th 12PM to 12AM How much: $15 Where: Hilton Garden Inn 3528 Gateway St Springfield,...
26 Apr 2017 21:18
Re: PDXLAN SHIRT ORDERS Add me for a large of each